Private At-Home Blood Work for Celebrities & High Profile Clients

Nicodemme Jean-Baptiste, PBT (ASCP)CM

 Nicodemme Jean-Baptiste has served celebrities, high-level executives, and global companies for ten years. With over 16 Years of phlebotomy and laboratory experience, Nicodemme is well-versed in the medical and laboratory field and has gained recognition nationwide. He is one of the top sought phlebotomists in the nation. He comes highly recommended by leading medical physicians.
 He is an expert in many types of specimen collections and testing, such as genetic collections, metabolic, cholesterol testing, nutritional, cancer, woman and male hormone tests, liver and kidneys, Sports nutrition testing, and clinical studies.  He also works alongside the nation's top laboratories.
His list of clients includes:

  • Disney

  • Marvel



  • Movie Directors & Producers

  • NBA

  • NFL

  • Universal

  • Professional Wrestling

  • Television Networks

  • Celebrity Chefs

  • Celebrity Photographers

  • Musicians

  • Grammy Recording Artists

  • Authors

  • Fortune 500 Executives

  • Celebrity Plastic Surgery Centers

  • FOX

  • Network Producers

  • Althleats Nutrition

  • Nationally Recognized Attorneys

  • Venture Capitalists

  • Reality T.V. Stars

There Are 3 Services to Choose From


Annual Health Exam

Is it that time of year, and do you have an order from your primary physician? No matter the test, we can collect. We provide the most accurate results that your physician can trust. Results are faxed to you and your physician within 48-72hrs.

Plastic Surgery

Pre-Operation Surgery

We perform confidential blood work for post & pre-op procedures. 

Organic Vegetables

Star Ready Customized  Lab Tests

Are you getting ready for a HUGE role? We have you covered. We can personally tailor specialized lab tests to help you get into the best shape of your career, Followed by a nutritionist or physician that can go over your lab results.

VIP Service Includes

  • Premiere Exclusive Services

  • VIP Concierge Blood Draws in the Comfort of Your Home, Office, or production set.

  • Nicodemme Will Personally Fly to Your Location, Collect the Samples Your Provider Has Ordered, and Securely Deliver Them to the Laboratory for Testing.

  • Self-Ordering & Customized Lab Tests. (Physician Orders Not Required)

  • Provide You With a Copy of Your Results via encrypted email.

  • Confirm That Your Physician Has Received Your Lab Orders.

  • Private Health Insurance Exams.

  • Exclusive Physicians Referrals Based On Results.

  • Whole Health Assessment Plan- Monitoring and Maintenance.

  • Complete Family Care Plan.

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