With the changes in technology, telehealth has made physician appointments easy and convenient. Though, many patients are still not sure how to connect with their physician's office. So ConveLabs is not offering Telehealth Assistance. Our services are listed as:

Telehealth Connection

We will come to the home the day of your telehealth appointment and get you all set up and connected with your physician; we will provide the laptop with a video communication device equipped.



We will perform routine vitals before your appointment: weight, Height, Blood Pressure, and Temperature. Once vitals have been performed, we will provide this information to your physician during your telehealth appointment.


Lab Draw

Your physician may order lab work to be performed after your appointment. Once we have your lab orders, we will collect the samples requested while we are there. We will then deliver the samples to your lab.



Once samples are delivered to the laboratory, we will follow up with your physician's office to ensure they've received your lab results within 48hours of collection. If results have not yet been received, we will contact the lab and have them fax the results over to your physician's office.

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Convenience Is What We Do.

We strive to make healthcare as simple as possible by finding solutions for both patients and their providers.