ConveLabs Provides the Following Services:


  • Behavior Health or Nursing Home Facility Lab Services

  • Blood Draws & Blood Cultures

  • Clinical Research Study Lab Services (Services Provided in and Outside the State of Florida, Please Contact for a Quote.)

  • Nasal Swabs (Including COVID-19 PCR & Rapid Antigen Test)

  • Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test

  • Test Ordering (for Uninsured/Out of Pocket Expense)

  • Telomere Kits

  • Urine & Stool Collections


Lab Results May Take up to 24-48 Hours to Receive. STAT Test May Result in 4-6 Hours. **


There Are Some Tests That May Require a Patient to Fast. Fasting Test Orders Requires the Patient to Refrain from Eating or Drinking for up to 8-12 Hours.

If You are Fasting, You May Drink Water or Black Coffee (No Cream or Sugar.) We Work to Schedule our Patients That Are Required to Fast Earlier in the Morning so You will Not Have to Fast Throughout Your Day.

1800 Pembrook Drive, Suite 300

Orlando, Florida, 32810


T: 941-527-9169

F: 941-251-8467

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