Our Services

Services are out-of-pocket fees. The laboratory receiving your samples will bill your insurance. If you have no insurance, the laboratory will mail you an invoice.

Mobile Lab Service

During this pandemic, we are dedicated to keeping you and your loved ones safe by offering On-Demand Mobile Lab Services. 


Our certified lab technicians will come to you and draw the labs that your physician has ordered. ConveLabs is the #1 rated On-Demand Mobile Lab Company in Central Florida. Our goal is to bring convenience to every patient. That is why we work with and stay up to date with local and nationally recognized laboratories to ensure quality lab collections. 


Our mobile lab technicians are elite specimen collectors, meaning there are no such things as a "Hard stick patient." Since launching in 2012, we're proud to say we've never had to recollect a patient's sample. We get it done on the 1st try! Our reviews speak for themselves. ConveLabs is also BBB Accredited. We also HIPAA Compliant with state and National Laws. 


Contact us today to experience Healthcare Convenience in a new way.