Mobile Lab Draws

ConveLabs In-Home mobile lab draws are like no other. Our goal is to provide our patients Convenience, Quality, and Professional services that leave each patients feeling as though they matter because they do! You see, at ConveLabs, you're not just a number, and you're not just another patient; you're viewed as family. So call us today to experience the service that many have deemed a "blessing". The Benefits of having your blood drawn from home are:

Convenient Scheduling

We've made it convenient for our patients to book with us by giving them multiple ways. And that's via phone calls, texting, online, and by email. 

Personalized Services

One of the things we believe our patients value about us besides going to them is the fact they know they can text us and we are available to answer questions or concerns regarding their lab results.


AT ConveLabs, your privacy is very important to us. We adhere to the federal HIPAA laws and make sure your information is kept private. We've provided services to celebrities, corporate executives, and our everyday patients who know that at ConveLabs, our professionalism is number 1. We do a huge extensive background check on our phlebotomists, this way our patients feel safe and secured.

Quality Collection

Our phlebotomists have over 15 years of experience in specimen collections. From pediatric to geriatric and are certified, licensed, and insured. We work with local laboratories to stay up to date with their changes in processing to improve accuracy which in turn produces quality results then lead to a more accurate diagnosis. Our goal is to get the sample in one stick, with no pain and that is what we're also known by our previous patients.

After Hours Lab Draws

At ConveLabs, one of our main focuses is providing convenience. We understand some of our patients may not have the availability to have their labs drawn in the a.m., so we've given patients the option of booking us for evening lab draws as well. This way, patients do not need to miss work to get to a lab.

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Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair