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With convenience in mind, we want to eliminate the stress that traditionally comes with scheduling and having your blood work done.

That is why we've added additional serves that is catered to you to make life simpler.

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Obtaining Lab Orders

Often, a physician's office will place a patient's lab order electronically. The patient usually would have to walk into the laboratory, provide their name and date of birth, then; if the lab orders went through successfully, the patient would then have their labs drawn. When you choose ConveLabs, we will obtain the lab orders from your physician's office or the performing laboratory with your permission.  

Notification of Delivery

After delivery, ConveLabs will send you either a text message or an email notifying you that your sample has successfully been hand-delivered to the required laboratory. This action gives you the confidence to know that ConveLabs handled your samples with care and that you are informed of when the lab has received your samples.

On Time Lab Draw

When you've scheduled your appointment, ConveLabs will arrive at your doorstep on time. Before our arrival, you will receive a courtesy text message or a phone call letting you know our ETA, this way, you and your family can be well prepared.

Follow Up On Results

72hrs after your lab collection, ConveLabs will contact your physician's office to verify that they've received your lab results. If not, ConveLabs will contact the performing laboratory and request that the lab results be sent to the physician. Please note, some tests may require more time to result. If this is the case, ConveLabs will notify you and your physician's office. In addition, you may request a copy of your lab results by emailing ConveLabs at We will contact the performing lab to fax them over to us, and we will securely email them to you.

Specimen Processing & Delivery

Once your sample has is collected, we will process your samples while heading to the lab. Each ConveLabs vehicle has been equipped with a portable centrifuge to spin down your sample to provide the best quality results. The will allow the laboratory to run tests right away without delay or jeopardizing the stability of your sample.

Quality Collection, Convenient Process.

For years, ConveLabs has heard the frustration between both patients and physicians. That is why we continue to bring convenience and remove the barriers that will cause mishaps and delays in patient results. By implementing our processes, Physicians will be able to provide accurate diagnosing along with spot-on treatments in your health.