Below is a list of common questions we've received. If you do not see your question below, please email us or fill out our contact form.

What is Convelabs?

Convelabs is a mobile lab company that provides in-home blood draws, COVID-19 Collections, and other specimen collections and delivers to a lab within your insurance network for processing while following-up to ensure your ordering physician receives the results in a timely manner.


What Counties do You Service?

We currently service Orange, Osceola, and Seminole county.


Do You Accept Insurance?

No, insurance companies have yet to create a plan to cover mobile phlebotomy as a service. Patients are required to pay out of pocket for our mobile lab services, however, your insurance will be billed by the laboratory that processes your sample. Check with your insurance provider to see if you can be reimbursed or pay through your health spending account.

Will I Receive a Copay?

ConveLabs does not bill insurances. Contact your insurance provider to go over your plans and see which laboratory is in-network with your plan. We will deliver to the laboratory in-network with your plan.


What if I Get a Bill from the Lab?

We recommend reviewing your bill to see if your insurance was billed, if not, contact the laboratory billing department and request for it to be submitted to your insurance. You can confirm with your insurance provider.


What if I Don’t Have Insurance?

If you have a physician’s order for lab work but do not have insurance, we may be able to save you up to 80% for the lab test. Please visit our service page for non-insured and we’ll provide a quote.


How Can I Pay for Services?

After scheduling your appointment, we will email you an invoice to pay securely through Square using your debit/credit card.


Do You Provide COVID-19 Testing?

Yes, We provide COVID-19 collection service and deliver to a laboratory in network with your insurance.


Is a Physician's Order Required for COVID-19 Collections?



What if I Don't Have an Order?

No problem! We've partnered with MultiCare Physicians Group who will provide orders as well as a follow-up consultation to those who are experiencing symptoms and will review your results with you. If you do not want a consultation, we have a nurse practitioner on staff.


I Would Like to Get My Staff or Nursing Home Residents Tested for COVID-19, Do You Test Large Groups?

Yes, please contact us for group rates.


I'm Afraid of Contacting COVID-19, What Safety Measures Do You Use?

We wear full personal protective equipment (gloves, N95 masks, & goggles), we also sanitize our hands before and after each patient. For added protection, patients have the option of having their blood drawn in their garage, front or back porch, or in front of their doorstep. We also test our technicians very frequently.


How Long Does COVID-19  PCR Tests Take to Result?

Results may take up to 24hours. To ensure same-day results, samples must be collected and delivered to the lab before 2 pm Monday-Saturday. If collected and delivered after 2 pm, samples may result the following day.


How Long Does It Take for My Lab Tests to Result?

Lab results typically take 24-48hrs. Samples delivered to local hospital results within several hours. Specialty tests can take up to several days.


How Can I View My Lab Results?

Most laboratories have an app that will allow you to view your results. If not, your physician will go over your results with you at your scheduled appointment.


How Will My Doctor Get My Results?

The laboratory will send your results to your physician, we also follow up with your physician’s office to ensure they have received your results.


What if I’m Required to Fast for My Bloodwork?

There are tests that may require a patient to fast. Fasting test orders require the patient to refrain from eating or drinking for up to 8-12 hours. If you are fasting, you may drink water or black coffee (no cream or sugar). We work to schedule our patients that are required to fast earlier in the morning so you will not have to fast throughout the day.

Can My Doctor’s Office Send You My Script?

Yes, they may fax it to 941-251-8467


Do You Provide Drug Screening?

At the moment, No.


What if I’m Difficult to Stick for Bloodwork?

No worries, ConveLabs mobile phlebotomists have over 5+ years of experience and currently, we've never had a patient we couldn't complete bloodwork for.