Discounted Lab Tests for Non-Insured

No insurance? No Problem! Let us help you save up to 90% off on ALL lab tests. At-Home Blood Work is included with every purchase (Available to Central, FL Patient's only). Physician Orders are not required.


Blood Work for Non-Insured Patients

 Today, many Americans are uninsured, and the cost of having their blood work done is through the roof! That is why ConveLabs has partnered with nationally recognized laboratories to provide you with quality tests at a fraction of the cost. On average, we save our patients hundred and sometimes thousands of dollars on blood work. As an incentive, we also provide At-Home blood draws from the comfort of your home or office, saving you time and money. 

At ConveLabs, our focus is providing affordability for any lab test

 So whether your doctor has provided you with a lab order or you've set a goal of getting healthier, we're here to help. 
That is why we're providing at-home blood work as well. To eliminate the stress of driving to the lab, sitting in a waiting room for hours, and paying a high bill. All this dramatically affects your health, leading to more expenses. So let ConveLabs be your #
1 choice in mobile lab services and discounted lab tests.


How It Works

Please note, At-Home Blood Drawing Services Are Available to Central, FL Patients. However, if You Are Out of State, We Can Still Provide You With The Discounted Lab Prices.