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Our mobile lab technicians are highly trained and certified to collect blood and COVID-19 samples. We adhere to national and state laws when it comes to protecting patients' information. 

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Healthcare Workers

Workplace Testing

Have you got exposure? Contact us to set up a company-wide COVID-19 Testing with results in less than 24-hours. 

You may also contact us if an employee recently tested positive for COVID-19 and needs to be re-tested to return to work. Special rate available.

Have your employees received their COVID-19 Vaccines? ConveLabs performs Company-Wide COVID-19 Antibody Testing as well. Employees who test positive for Antibodies may safely return to work due to developing immunity to protect them from the virus.

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(Per W.H.O. "World Health Organization," the COVID-19 vaccine prompts an immune response, it may be possible to test positive in an antibody (serology) test that measures COVID-19 immunity in an individual.


Contact us, and we will set you up with our COVID-19 processing department. Whether you deliver the samples to us or we can come to you. Producing results for your patients in less than 24-hours then emailing them using our HIPAA Compliant Email.